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Travel Through - by Moemaw Naedon & Billy Hoyle

by Moemaw Naedon

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drop the ego from the sky and watch the mind explode the impact cleared a path to a winding road so whats the purpose to our travels if on the surface to the universe we just some dirt on a piece of gravel deprogram brain from a digital dream met the wolf trying to see the forest for the trees touched many new lows through experience life and death, yet not that serious red crows fall from the sky like a cascade dive bombing for the crawlers in the grass blades from the start fortified signals circulate we brethren from the heart of the galaxy i say a lot when the snare hit the eardrums organize my thoughts to reveal that i fear some hit the thrusters off to a better land and hope we don't land on a planet when a storm is at hand we find comfort in the same security that holds us back and leaves us wrapped up in certainty emergency, another day about to die lets watch the shadows of the leaves fade into the sky not certain why i crashed and burned and turned up fine im learning why i need to cross the line and merge with time and keep it moving only losing when i hold back and sit idle at the edge of the launch pad
launch pad shake when the pen hit clenched fist, energy relentless tremendous steady when we exit extra dimensions where time get suspended trained in the symphonic sun rays unscathed but the road stayed unpaved most days i aint crossing looking both ways but i got eyes in the back blinking opaque closed case, your set getting' flat lined mics get blessed, beats get baptized blast wide open mind channel vibes low eyed phantom with the panther stride offset gems in the gauntlet ominous cosmic subconscious at war with infinity sorcery and divinity forced into symmetry *i saw my notepad turn to a scripture vivid rhyme schemes weaving the picture this is my dream seen as a listener sound beam drifter deep in the mixture drenched, soaked in the sun mist rain clouds break day when they untwist break ground when the earth get punished starved for destruction thunder in the stomach covet notes from the stone pad ripples in the river paint the picture when they float past hold back nothing let it hit the breeze sort it out, explore the route to inner peace open case, breath is electric hold weight like the word play metric curve waves turn brains to a head trip trained with the lessons saved and replenished smash, micas getting' blasted word wrath tune your cypher into ashes turn back whole earth on its axis mapped out galactic travel established
light body beam shot straight from the great void caught the vessel by the planet where they shape noise first one slick salamander skin slip down every rock till' he found ground dim lit thats where he stayed finding rhythm in the ripples underneath the rock bubbles pop drops dribble solitude till' the end, spirit transcend to the bird picking worms just to keep the youngins' fed never too much, gluttony good for nobody on a journey wings flapping bird spirit current body appreciated the skies and gave thanks with a song from the beak from a tree where the leaves hang loving how he could sing but he needs a conscious state just to break away from instinct next cycle round, body: beast on the ground fur coat brown temperamental wolverine now *never neglect, spirt, steer us many ways only fear the path that samsara paves grass blades, sharks in the caves whats the next vessel when the body part ways from the light that you hold long term in the maze old soul searching sound waves carnivore: devour game as big as deer living underground cause its cold all year body and brain wired for savage killing fests slayed enough to feed the family but never flexed clever with the skills, pulling food out the traps not getting snatched from the jaws by the latch used to sneak by the cabin when the lights where low and hear the sound of the phonograph out the window return visits, unable to explain the comfort of the body mind soul and brain next vacation found a fortunate realm deeper concentration training broke the door to the cell tool the first of many forms as a higher mind channel trudging through the storms as a bipedal mammal learning, developing, alert around the skeleton and when the sounds merged with the words, purpose felt again
severed deer head body lie beside the lines painted by man bass slam as i drive by a new time, they tell me unplug the tape recorder had the same disorder since a young punk skateboarder aint trying to hear shit, rather sit where eagles soar above all the pettiness so high that i forgot the order boarder line hoarder ceiling to the floor the wax packed tight like a shell shoved inside a morter flip a quarter, ill dip and take a quest to Morder cause' ive been know to pick it up and leave and not warn you life's to short to ignore the lights that might allure you be a mind explorer, form and change the course before you there's much more to this than you can feel with your hands and scientific convieniatly created by man 'told by man controlled by man distributed and written bought and sold by man *its not what you thought caught up in the tangible doc brought the ink blots you spot the animal followed the spirit to a clearing way beyond self and sat inside the pyramid and watched the walls melt we all felt so much unexplained connect the dots, give it a name change the lanes in tour thoughts cross the avenue light crack through the outline you can travel through i lead the hoard with a broken sword and wrote the score worth blood splats shaped like notes up on the poster board open the door, the ocean hit the shore the potion poured inside this glass will twist your shit for sure i seen a thousand hands spinning like a fan i seen a mountain hold a crowd and then amount to sand it wasn't meant to last, they wasn't meant to stay so many of us say its fucked up anyway i seen the sound waves, they always on display full color spectrum visual array i seen the plans i made fade into the maze the blue sparks spray when the pen hit the page i seen the other side its hard to describe it involves beings that you cant personify a language unknown never before heard but somehow i recognized every single word
run pound salt when the flames engulf the hell hounds take form of the digital wolves the pivotal birth occurred when the spinning of words was heard splintering boards when the every curved im pinning you nerds to wheels for the dagger practice stagger backwards backflip and catch a hatchet cant hack it its savage unorthodox i grab a cactus and bite the button off the top i launch a shot across the grid through a vast dimension attack your henchmen, we sent in Galactic Brethren marching with carcasses carving through forests we starving for blood of your sons and your harlots earth gets parted stars break apart when i aim for the stars and my rhymes discharge rip hearts out frames, Kali Ma Shakti de rot away in the temple of slime and decay half breed half man half hallucination half a acid sheet in my hand while the moon is raising illuminating brain in aluminum casing the movements fade like a moving train raising i heard the pacing of the centipede steps in the basement with the ketamine breath smelled the hiss of the viper all senses hyper saw through the mist and clenched the fire you aint sick like this i literally got my fix when i watched the blood droplets drip the monster sits up in the pit ominous where the goblins built a metropolis spill exhaust exhale fog crawl through the teeth from the smoke of the dimethyltrypyamine rip the seems of the space time fabric its madness the pixilated k-9 rhyme ravage
eyelids separate when they close gates dream state fade away in the head space black circles dilated, dark walls not yet hit by the glow of the fireball no time to wonder why, movement automatic horizontal line dollar sign problematic operate at times autopilot light stay lit in the should got to find it open the entrance to the residence i see the trees but the forrest more prevalent still the shape of the woods transform like the clouds in the eye of a storm main idea vague ever changing the evergreens on the peeks rearranging catch the water from the snow when it trickle down sweat beads drip off the dips in the brow human hands meant to construct the feet and legs meant to work together on the hunt so why we act like the grind aint part of the plan through the trees see the sun peak over the land the scheme, the big painting in the frame i hold it sacred staying in the same lane but the path curves and sometimes stops where the leaves lay undisturbed by the rocks twigs crack wings flap on the dispatch think back when the roots grew through the ash thought it might be impossible to build it up still don't know if the earth lay still enough still im up when the sun cut through the trunks no matter what cant stop when i had enough the helicopter seed pods spin in the breeze to build the forest i try to see for the trees born to see more than what disorder breeds explore the scene uphill where the border leads theres more than meets the eyes of the hawk the shadow on the green canopy float across with the kills in the claws headed back to the nest i wont exhaust all the skills in my set spread it thick, lush and healthy the quick route is a thinned out helping the elk drink from a stream thats constant flow don't stop in the motion of progress offering life from death in the talons each one need one for the balance surrounded by breath clandestine lost my step but i kept my direction etched in to the side of a tree was a map of the landscape incomplete
late night lamp light trying to get the plan right reflections of the day shape the feelings that i cant fight much less identify must get centralized catch the vibe situate the thoughts and let the pen glide fan blades spinning push a cool breeze through the four corners that i choose to fuse together my peace just a quarter day ago plus a few hours more i was moving with many beings choosing to explore the steel beams and the fountains by the shores of the river with the clipper dripping liquid out the pores the sun felt much needed still wrapped in winter time pale skin up in the lab is where i usually keep it it aint a secret i wont everyday to be a weekend with my peeps who try to keep the peace and not just speak it peace to Parker peace to Reason cypher in the park was decent underneath the tree we caught the shade from how the leaves were leaning dipped with the mrs. copped a slice but they aint selling booze but thats alright this evening don't need it, feeling cool aint nothing running through my system but some coffee beans ground down strained with water heated up, my cup steams you never know when today could be your best yet usually in hindsight we wish we would've known it then i roll the pen across the paper till' the line ends the choice is mine how i choose to view the time i spend
up in the city where the planet freeze and the sun barely poke through the canopy where the people talking more than they doing shit speaking to me stupid acting like im new at this they seek approval, kid, from their bosses before they say that its dope they tread cautious your whole team looking like its a bunch of fucking sheep waiting for guidance the space pirate in the earth to air you out it turned out y'all aint worth a breath exhaled from mouth so bring your skills out its about to be a tragedy like some fucked up construction on a balcony my rhyme spit venomous the style master crafted with the penmanship you tried to sell your should but aint nobody buying it you corny like a rookie act announcing their retirement *this aint the same house that i used to know while we sit back and watch it all erode i cant argue that time is money though and i know its a fact i aint got a lot of both but fuck you and your one shot money scheme i do this shit cause' it runs through my blood stream unseen like the red crow i cant invest in the company of foes now while i smack blood out the phono graph you need to sit back and unfold your map what the fuck you still doing here you trying to set this shit back a fucking hundred years theres not enough beers to dump inside my face forget about you fucks numb the pain and hibernate medicate, i been in that trap though i made it out, still choking on the shrapnel i been my own worst enemy since the first day thats ingrained in my memory deadly remedies to muffle up the voices looking back they was some fucked up choices hip hop let the head breath the head nod set speed that the chest beat now picture this middle finger in my outré while y'all sit and try to figure out your clown show
where to start, mind paired with the heart first breath of air it was there according to the charts some say it spawned from devils flames several levels measure pain devastating family structures and puzzled many brains small kid wished to live in alternate realms saw no fault of himself not knowing he was following hell would rather draw than pay attention in class the wind pass through the clouds and his head floated with the draft a lonely path self centered and not knowing that the young years will fly by regrets will hold you back took a pass on chemicals longer than most strong willed but still not skilled enough to kill the ghost that took control when he let the controls go but you can never know how your story could unfold his soul froze in space and watched the time erode a ticking time bomb he let the pin inside the skin explode couldn't see you then sure as hell do see you now shoulda seen the end still here and wondering how the question will remain can i make it with out going down the answer will appear when its too late to turn around what i touch take a devastating hit escalating quick sick stuck up in the grips fucking with this shit so much im in its clutch never thought id see this side of life let alone live it up realities gone im in the lost realm i tried to open my mind but locked it in a cell couldn't tell when i hurt or when i helped self wealth felt when the dealt got dealt and it did quite more than one instance not figurative im speaking realistics feeling privileged that i kicked it life force given driven through mystics had to destroy and rebuild and stay grateful everyday walking uphill but im liking the climb the pain fresh up in the mind stay praying that i stay in line


Emcee Moemaw Naedon and producer Billy Hoyle bring you Travel Through.
The entire album is produced by Billy Hoyle and is his first full on collaborative project. This will be Naedon's fourth project, but it will be the first where he is the main lyrical focus and features no other rappers.
Both hailing from Pittsburgh, Billy Hoyle was named one of the up and coming producers you should know by Jenesis magazine in 2014 and has released recent tracks with artists like Hubbs, Tayyib Ali, and Goldsmith. Moemaw Naedon is best known for his performances with his group Fortified PhonetX and his former projects, Circular Signals with The Latebloomer from New Jersey and the Galactic Brethren project with Brother Seamus from New Orleans, all a part of the Surface Level Records collective.
On Travel Through, Naedon and Billy's styles combine forces to form a 9 track project that delivers a cohesive sonic journey through Naedons mindstate ranging from metaphysical visuals, substance use, tales of reincarnation and honest real life issues meshed with abstract lyricism over Billy's spacey yet soulful production. !


released March 12, 2016

All tracks produced by Billy Hoyle
All tracks written by Moemaw Naedon
Artwork by Ronnie Hicks
Mixed and mastered by Tuff Sound
Surface Level Records


all rights reserved



Moemaw Naedon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Moemaw Naedon is a Pittsburgh based MC and producer. His production work is sample heavy and dusty while his rhymes are poetic with a flair for the abstract. Whether on the boards or on the mic, he always delivers with surgical precision.

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